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Happy Birthday to ME!

So today is my birthday.  As a woman I shall not disclose how old I am, but to be honest I've also sort of lost track and know what my last big birthday "mark" was.  So I have a rough estimate of what age I am.  Whatever - I still occasionally get carded and its the little victories in life!

I've cut off my social media, which has actually been great!  It's only been a week so it isn't like its this big thing yet, but the longer I'm separated from it the more I think this is permanent.  Other than sharing fun pictures, I don't really see the point in it all.  And I realized today that I was semi feeling sorry for myself.  I mean, it is my birthday and not a single person in school wished me Happy Birthday.  The class even acknowledged that today is Thomas Jefferson's birthday (our class has a annoying habit of singing happy birthday to everyone on their birthday).  While I hate the birthday song tradition, it also was a little hard to not have a …

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